Plus membership (Writing)

Ciao! I am glad to see you here. Usually writing is an underestimated skill when it comes to learning a new language. Indeed, learners are mostly focused on acquiring grammar structures and being able to speak fluently.

I agree, you would probably have the most fun when you use Italian for getting to know locals or talking to your Italian friends but how great it is to be able to correctly write a text, an email or even a postcard to your Italian friends. 

Or you might need to practice your writing skills in order to pass an Italian exam.

Whatever the reason is, I would be glad to polish your writing skills thanks to interesting writing tasks I will send you on a weekly basis.


Every week, I will send you an exciting writing task, such as a story or a letter, useful vocabulary and a grammar topic to put into practice.

You will write your task and record a video/audio reading it. I will then send you personalized feedback regarding your writing task and video/audio.

The Plus membership (writing) also includes 4 private lessons (55 minutes each) with me to take on a weekly basis, besides 4 monthly writing tasks (one per week).

The private lessons are tailored according to your needs and goals and you will be provided with all the material in advance. That means you won’t need to spend money on buying grammar books.

Please, note that the Plus membership (writing) will auto renew every month and you can’t move the missing lessons to the next month. But no worries, I understand that life can get busy and if you cancel your lesson at least 12 hours in advance, you will be able to re-book it for another day.

What happens if you no longer want to be subscribed to the Plus membership (writing)?

In this case you can cancel it anytime.

If you think this is the right path for you, book your free 30 minute “no obligation” lesson with me and start your Italian journey today!

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